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Volvo C30 / S40 / V50 C50 Vinyl wrapped interior kit

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Image of Volvo C30 / S40 / V50 C50 Vinyl wrapped interior kit

Volvo p1 chassis vinyl wrapped interior!

Available in any finish in any brand. Popular finishes include:
- 3M 1080 carbon fiber (any color)
- MetroRestyling 3-layer gloss carbon fiber black
- Oracal or Avery ColorShift finishes (pics show Oracal blue/green/silver ColorShift finish)

• Please indicate if you need pre-facelift or facelift model in a NOTE on the order page or as a message to us! (We usually message you and confirm after an order anyways).
• CORE REQUIRED - $125 core fee applies until your parts are received (in fully usable, good condition. Poor condition will result in a lower core return amount).

• Power window door trims (2 or 4)
• Waterfall center console
• Overhead console (sunroof Or non-sunroof)
• Center console/ armrest trim (facelift only)
• Arm rest trim (pre-facelift only)
• Cupholder trim